About Us


To provide affordable, unified & convenient healthcare services to everyone.


To become one stop platform for all healthcare services so that the name itself becomes a verb for healthcare service requirements.

What we aspire to do

Over the period, we realized that healthcare, while is the most fundamental requirement, of human existence; it is also the most neglected aspect of it. This is due to inconvenience of finding a health centre (this medicine is not available! Can I get that higher class antibiotic that would ruin my bacterial resistance over time?), our busy schedule (week-ends are not meant for healthcare services, when we would have time for hang-overs?!), stuck in chasing money (who’ll bring reports during office hours?) etc… etc… etc…

Understanding these concerns, we decided to develop this platform, to bring all services together that a person needs to get his health back in shape. And not just that, but bring all these services to the customers’ (yes, not patient, because, you know, prevention is better than cure!!) door-step, doesn’t matter if that door belongs to office, home or in-laws!

And we want to change the healthcare (because that makes us sound adventurous and dreamy! But we really do) such that when we remove the above-mentioned roadblocks, it would become easier to form a habit of taking care of our health, because believe it our services would make kaer.ing about oneself as easy as buying a lipstick (for yourself, girlfriend, wife or that crush of yours) or a shaving cream (we are inclusive!)

Our Story

Two lazy idiots started dreaming to do something, because, let’s face it, it never costs to do anything but dream. However, while being the change they never wanted (i.e. doing job), they realized that they are awesome suckers and chose to dream again.

But over the period they realized that they are good for nothing, so they found a third similar looser and the three are now trying to change something (adventure quotient again!) which is called human habit! Well best of luck to them!! :)